Welcome to Photoshock

We believe that only by putting together the best mainstream techniques with the underground deep messages; we can really create the perfect product. Our work is featured in numerous internet and TV channels worldwide. We have a young and ambitious team who works relentlessly to put tasks to perfection. PhotoShock believes in a shock value quality. Our goal is to make high quality works, mixed with ground breaking ideas. In todays world, technology evolves rapidly- and we take great care to stay on top of the cinematic world's technical innovations.

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Our main aim is to minimize costs while at the same time providing the highest possible standards for a wide range of services, covering all aspects of tv, film and commercials production.


Some of the clients we worked with.

  • WIN
  • clubbingtv
  • lgm
  • mango
  • spiral
  • massacre
  • shilav
  • ziv2
  • swu
  • comedybar
  • jp
  • tact